"Rise and Walk"

Celebrating 25 Years of Comunità Cenacolo America

About The Festival of Life

Festival of Life

The Festival of Life was born on the 10th anniversary of the birth of the Community, to show with a living experience that Jesus is risen. We don't follow a dead God, absent, who doesn't speak, who doesn't embrace, who doesn't smile. We know a God who is love and who called Jesus, who came down to earth, and we have seen Him. Every day we see his resurrection in these youth. We are saying to you, Come and see!"

-Mother Elvira


"Jesus has overcome death, our death! In Him we are raised to new life, and death is defeated forever." - Mother Elvira



The Festival of Life is a celebration of thanksgiving for the ways God has brought me back to life. It’s an opportunity for my mother to see the changes in me that I may not realize in my day to day life, and I get to see how God has been working in her life. The festival is an all-encompassing affirmation that I am right where I need to be. I return from it on fire, ready to take on whatever challenges are coming my way.  


My heart is filled with much anticipation and joy at the thought of the upcoming Festival of Life. All the trials that I’ve experienced in community are transformed by our Lord into something beautiful. That is made most evident when I’m reunited with my family. The Festival of Life is a culmination of my walk and God’s gift to everyone.


The Festival of Life is a time we come together with our families and friends to celebrate all of the daily resurrections taking place, thanks to Jesus and the Community. It's a time to rejuvenate our walks and to receive a huge mount of grace and fuel to help us run so as to win the race. My favorite part of the Festival is the love in that first embrace with my mom and dad where I see God embracing me, me embracing my life, and all the healing that has happened over these years in Community.


The Festival of Life is a chance to celebrate our resurrected lives! It's a moment to reconcile with our families and to embrace our newfound lives in the light! Thanks to Community, I live the mass celebration more profoundly and being able to experience this with my family during the Festival has been a great gift.